The Rhetoric of Presentation: The Death of Aaron Swartz

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In addition to my previous post about MIT’s involvement and questions concerning Swartz’ case, I am including several articles that I found worthy of investigating. The following information depicts Aaron as yet another human interest piece…a tragic, lost soul who committed suicide after a long and heart wrenching investigation that did not looking promising. Using Media Master Marshall McLuhan’s Theories of Media Control, we are left with a series of political, social, and cultural questions that we must probe in order to rise above the phantasmagoria of the media.

A series of accounts in reference to the historical moments that led up to Aaron Swartz suicide and free culture movement:

Cowritten by Swartz himself, read the Guerrilla Open Access Manifesto (2008)

(March 2013)

NY Times Coverage of Aaron’s Life & Death: A Questionable Narrative

Rolling Stone Magazine’s Coverage of Aaron’s Life & Death: A Tragedy

The Atlantic Wire Coverage of Aaron’s Life & Death: The Unknowable Truth

Quander This:

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Noam Chomsky: Media Control, brings forth “the spectacular achievements of propaganda”


“propaganda to democracy is what violence is to dictatorship”

are we/the media or authority/democracy “manufacturing consent?”

“democratic accountability for corporate criminality”

what is selective perception?

coverage of war: WORDS. how should the media use them?

should we be paranoid?

Is it time for a media revolution?