Probing: What Are Media? A Tribute To MM

what are media?

do they feed our criteria

do they sleep in their electronic stations

do they fulfill our digital infatuations

do they make up their own abbreviations

world wide web is the www

television is the tv

a performance within a performance

extending our senses

amputating our perceptive fences

pervasive, invasive, superabrasive

what are media?

capitalist propaganda

the devil wears prada

selling our sexual drive

media are the dull knives

that anesthetize and organize

our digital dominate lives

cutting into our senses

to numb the criticism

to invite the narcosis

and hypnotize the humanism

leaving us to our devices

those lonely vices

what are media?

mind-fi enhances wi-fi

it retrieves social interaction

and obsolesces normal conversation

dissects daily dialogue

reverses the tribal man:

he is the cosmic man

in the global village

lost in translation

drowned by the vortex

of the digital gods

and the new media lords

weakened and softened by the strength and roughness of the new era.

he is addicted to the galaxy that imposes this new literacy of media.

one that was written in 1963–