Describe what you think and image is

an image is a projection of what the photographer, the artist, the cartoonist, the cinematographer sees through his extensions of self.

How do you make images?

by taking a photograph, by putting brush to canvas, pencil to paper, setting a scene

What are images made of?

of whichever medium the artist uses

When you make an image, do you personally feel attached to it? why or why not?

not often, no. but i feel attached to the memories they evoke, the environments they reproduce, and the nature (human or earthly) they present.

How do you know when an image you have made is something MORE than just a redundant form of expression, i.e when it REALLY reflects or indicates some specific aesthetic style or meaningful communication that you want to share?

when i intentionally “set” the image to appear a certain way on camera. specific angles, light, and filter all manipulate the way in which the image takes on its own personality and signature, apart from others (of perhaps the same object, place or person). it becomes meaningful when i bring it into a context that is personal to me, usually accompanied with text.

Is the desire to construct / create / share an image already part of the program? has it already been coded into the apparatus so that you will obediently perform the program’s intended function?

desire is entirely subjective and i don’t believe any apparatus can evoke such a powerful feeling. every apparatus only gains importance/necessity by those who bring it into reality, who make it useful and relevant. i might only desire to produce & share an image upon learning the nature of a camera / photograph & response one can get from sharing, however positive or negative. Applications on smartphones only exist because of the nature of the smartphone. Instagram is successful because the phone has the capacity to also capture images. The apparatus does not create desire. The desire to be noticed does, the desire to be relevant…

How does one construct an image from memory? what exactly is that image made of? is the memory-image a re-creation of the past or is it a remix of source material (the past) into something new, vibrant, and in the present? something else?

memory is elusive, fallible, flawed and constructs images based upon notions of the past as it once was. when we “look into” an image, we are being re-minded; a smile or a sting– but we can never fully trace back. each day we are a new person–1% a cellular re-make of ourselves.

the image is composed of it’s material components; the image as it is constructed in the mind becomes nearly intangible the further we move from its re-membering. in this way, it is constantly being remixed into the present, each time something new. each time, mis-remembering as we bring new experiences into these images.