“I sit and wonder, often, about nothing, and wonder what it would be like to be nothing.”

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Let the nothing around you, become you, let it sit upon your shoulders as a cloak, as a king upon a throne. Let it weigh you down, as it envelops all that you are, all that you will become. Let it sit where only you can see it, and let yourself know it’s there, only you can see nothing after all.

Wonder in amazement as you give it shape, purpose, a juxtaposition from which to be. Let that thought settle in you as you gaze, and think to yourself, that nothing feels good, feels like home. Think that you would like nothing more, because it’s already there, because there it is, what’s left of it, and all there is to say about it.

Wonder why you never had the guts to fill this garment, why you always let everything stand between you and nothing, and how, it was really always there, waiting for you to claim it as your own, nothing seems…

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Pervasive & Persuasive

A door to door sales woman came to my house just now and asked me to buy magazine subscriptions for the U.S. troops, to support her earning money for college through some sort of commission. She prefaced her request with, “do you support the troops?”

I laughed in my head because I remembered reading Noam Chomsky’s, Media Control earlier this week.

“Well yeah, I support the troops.” I replied. (Because I would just look like an asshole if I said I otherwise) I thought to myself.

I said I was a broke college student (true) and that I couldn’t afford a subscription  (sorry bout it!) Instead of thanking me and walking away, she stomped off and “hmmfped” at me–as if I was lying, and just wanted her to go away. The latter half of that is true, yes… but what does she expect, coming to my house practically demanding that I “support the troops.” But I was left feeling like I had done something bad. Is it that I “don’t support the troops” or that I didn’t contribute to this girls education? Either way, she made it clear that she was unhappy with my choice.

Media does it again; it’s a game. Propaganda, in the form of sales: it’s a con that consumes us all whether we realize it or not. I feel invaded, I feel a little bit manipulated, but most of all, I now “don’t support the troops.”

Thanks, sales chick who went from nice and cheesy to bitter and rude.



Quander This:

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Noam Chomsky: Media Control, brings forth “the spectacular achievements of propaganda”


“propaganda to democracy is what violence is to dictatorship”

are we/the media or authority/democracy “manufacturing consent?”

“democratic accountability for corporate criminality”

what is selective perception?

coverage of war: WORDS. how should the media use them?

should we be paranoid?

Is it time for a media revolution?




If It Doesn’t Spread, It’s Dead

William Uricchio, a media history enthusiast and fellow intellectual (Director of MIT Comparitive Media Studies Program) to Henry Jenkins, author of Spreabable Media, writes an essay on the history of spreadable media, and he concludes with a great point:

 “Spreadability turns on the demands of publics, on processes of adaptation and localization, and on the construction of new meanings. The protocols and controls imagined by institutions, whether the state or religious authorities or the heavy industry of media, have historically had little impact on populations eager to share experiences and to modify them in their own ways. The spread of media and textual forms—whether to once-excluded social groups or to markets originally unimagined by media producers—owes as much to the interests and creativity of those outside constituencies as to the original producers.”

In my own words: as we can see that spreadable media “turns” on the public and social constructions of media environments, we may begin to realize that there are so many formats within media that can produce revolutionary meaning in our digital culture today. We, the creative people, make up parts these “authorities” and “institutions”–we have ultimate control over the inputs and outputs of media and it is important to recognize that. If we continue to manipulate the forces that attempt to hijack new media projects, we will successfully impose our own “imaginary” protocols upon the authorities of intellectual and creative property. We must keep the voice alive, must keep going viral, keep sharing, reblogging, reposting, retweeting because…if it doesn’t spread, it’s dead!