Remixin’ Recappin’

I absolutely loved everyone’s pieces, it was so fun to see it all come to life–from Petra’s body-play-experiment to Laura’s badass webspinna throwback to 1999!

I wanted to congratulate you all on your work but my voice went missing just in time…

Seeing as this was my first time attending AND participating in an exhibition, I thought it was pretty cool to watch everyone interact with one another and all of the pieces that really relied on its audience to “make something happen.”

I mostly loved how diverse our work was and how it catered to our unique capacities and interests as remixers, artists, and performers.

Corrina’s free, freshly blended poetry from the universe has to be my favorite performance of the night… #1 because I love poetry and #2 Corrina had that mad-scientist vibe going on and also gave us something memorable and interesting to take home with us! It was fascinating to see how our eyes & minds immediately want to make sense of the the nonsensical word art that was produced on each little page. Thank you, universe for my keepsake!