Pervasive & Persuasive

A door to door sales woman came to my house just now and asked me to buy magazine subscriptions for the U.S. troops, to support her earning money for college through some sort of commission. She prefaced her request with, “do you support the troops?”

I laughed in my head because I remembered reading Noam Chomsky’s, Media Control earlier this week.

“Well yeah, I support the troops.” I replied. (Because I would just look like an asshole if I said I otherwise) I thought to myself.

I said I was a broke college student (true) and that I couldn’t afford a subscription  (sorry bout it!) Instead of thanking me and walking away, she stomped off and “hmmfped” at me–as if I was lying, and just wanted her to go away. The latter half of that is true, yes… but what does she expect, coming to my house practically demanding that I “support the troops.” But I was left feeling like I had done something bad. Is it that I “don’t support the troops” or that I didn’t contribute to this girls education? Either way, she made it clear that she was unhappy with my choice.

Media does it again; it’s a game. Propaganda, in the form of sales: it’s a con that consumes us all whether we realize it or not. I feel invaded, I feel a little bit manipulated, but most of all, I now “don’t support the troops.”

Thanks, sales chick who went from nice and cheesy to bitter and rude.




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