The Media Lords

Are out to get me. I feel like this is a problem too far out of my reach, that I just have to sit back and allow myself to laugh a little bit.

I sit in class today, reminiscing on how far I have come as a blogger, as a “writer,” and social media advocate (convincing myself I am all of those things, anyway) and THIS TRAVESTY happens…

As of today, my WordPress- hosted blog site that I created about four years ago– is down. For those of you who don’t know me, it is my baby. I cherish it, I take pride in it, and I revel in its world-wide influence for struggling teens. It has transformed itself into a resource for some, and support group for others. But even in times of aid– a faulty blog, it still remains. So immediately I reported the mishap, but I am at a standstill here and must wait for my techies to give me feedback. How odd. I feel as if this is a sign I should not be hosting so many blogs/media platforms…is it? Maybe…  Maybe I am a victim of my own influence, or identity as a blogger, whatever that means. I am listening to a song called Irene, by a soft indie band called Beachhouse and the chorus goes….”It’s a strange paradise” about 10 times over. Do I need to let things take their course? Apparently I was meant to create this blog only to see the demise of my other one. The world wide web truly is a strange paradise and I am attempting to live in it. All of this cyber-space crap is coming at me in real time, but I will not take it!

Stay Tuned–




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